We work hard to help apple traders extend the shelf life of their products

Apples are rich in natural sugars, organic acids, cellulose, vitamins, minerals, phenol, and ketone. Moreover, apples are among the most commonly seen fruits in any market. The global production volume of apples exceeds 70 million tons per year. Europe is the largest apple export market, followed by Asia, North America, and South America. The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused many difficulties for apple export around the world. Shipping capacity is strained, shipping fees highly increased , and shipping times are often delayed. Under these circumstances, the need to keep apples in storage/transportation fresher for longer shelf life is the most pressing challenge for exporters in the industry. There has been a huge increase in the demand for 1-MCP.


SPM Biosciences (Beijing) Inc. is specialized in fresh-keeping services. Company spokesperson Debby introduced the ‘Angel Fresh’ products they developed to keep apples in storage fresh for longer shelf life. 1-MCP is already commonly used by apple growers/ traders around the world to keep apples in cooling storage fresh. 1-MCP is highly effective in keeping apples fresh after the harvest. 1-MCP products can effectively extend the shelf life of apples in storage, and help improve apples water/firmness loss, and flavor changes under shipment delayed situation. In this way, 1-MCP products maintain freshness and extend the shelf life of apples, which helps exporters supply higher quality apples for their clients ” explained Debby. “Our products are suitable for regular warehouses and cold storage facilities. Of course, using our products together with low temperatures and air conditioning will even have better results.”


In addition to the use of 1-MCP products in cold storage, some retailers have begun to use 1-MCP products in the retail chain to extend the shelf life of apples. “Many importers/exporters asked about our ‘Angel Fresh’ sachets. They are easy and convenient to use . Clients only need put the sachet in the bag/box of apples and that is it,” said Debby. “We can provide customized fresh-keeping solutions for different packaging sizes and other using conditions.”

SPM Biosciences (Beijing) is a professional fresh keeping company in China with their own R&D, analysis team, and service team. The company has almost 10 years of experience in the Chinese market. SPM Biosciences (Beijing) is already authorized in Argentina and the Dominican Republic and is looking for partners in other countries. “In addition to our many fresh-keeping products, we hope to work together with many more vegetable wholesalers, exporters, packers, and commissioned merchants to reduce wastage in the vegetable supply chain. SPM Biosciences (Beijing) can provide interested companies with free samples.”

Post time: Apr-07-2022