METECH Temperature Data Logger

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One-time PDF/CSV temperature recorder;
Record temperature changes within the container during transport.

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Product details

Our company has one-time PDF / CSV temperature recorder, bluetooth temperature recorder, real-time temperature and humidity location light sensor etc, according to customer needs to provide customers with high-quality, high-efficiency solutions.

It is can made for real-time temperature, humidity and location monitoring, they are disposable devices specified for national and international fresh food shipments.

With only one button operation, they are quite easy to be deployed. While they are working, you can track all temperature, humidity and location information of your shipment online through any web browser.

You may also register with our online system to manage multiple shipments, maintain all history and collaborate with your partners.

Product Characteristics

a. Temperature,humidity and location
b. Real-time and disposable
c. Track information online 24/7
d. Alert notifications based on temperature and location
e. Report in excel or PDF available
f. Network compatible within more than 200 countries

Technical Specifications

Network: Cellular 850/900/1800/1900 MHz GSM
Battery Life:
15 days operation with temperature, humidity and location measurements reported at 15 min interval
60 days operation with temperature, humidity and location measurements reported at 60 min interval
LED: Blue for active, Red for alarm
Size: 53 mm x 85 mm x 16 mm
Weight: 0.25 lbs (110 g)
SIM: Internal embedded
Memory Depth: 12,000 readings, loop record, overwritten
Temperature range: -20° C to +60° C operation, -20° C to +60° C storage
Temperature accuracy: ±0.5° C (-10~+60° C), ±2° C (Other range)
Humidity range: 0% to 99% operation, 0% to 99% storage, non-condensing
Humidity: accuracy ±5% (20%~80%), ±8% (other range)
Location service: LBS base station positioning
Approvals: FCC, UL, RoHs, CE, Food grade material (ABS)


1. Press the only button to start
One button operation
No training expense

2. Attach to any where of goods package
IP67 protection
Food grade packaging
Slim & small

3. Reports generated automatically when connected to PC

Application method

1.First,open the box and load the crops into the box.
2.Put stickers on crops.
3.Close the box.
NOTE: The product is used after harvest and before transportation and storage. It is better to pre cool the crops.

Please feel free to contact us for any more information:

METECH temperature data logger (1)
METECH temperature data logger (1)

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