ANGEL FRESH (1-MCP) Tablet, ethylene inhibitor

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1-MCP (1methylcyclopropene)、Ethylene inhibitor;
Mainly used in containers.
Effectively keeps fruit freshness and reduces loss during the shipment.
It can instead of ethylene absorber filter with much better performance.

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ANGEL FRESH Tablet is a highly effective ethylene action inhibitor (1-MCP) that works naturally with fruits, vegetables and cut flowers to keep them fresh, from the field during shipment and distribution part to the consumer. ANGEL FRESH Tablet technology protects fruits, vegetables and cut flowers from both internal and external sources of ethylene.

ANGEL FRESH Tablet make your crops export easier, it can keep the corps with very good firmness and will not get soft and ripening, also reduces weight loss during the shipment. It can instead of ethylene absorber filter with much better performance.

The product mainly used in long-distance transportation, especially shipment which more than 30 days strongly suggest use ANGEL FRESH Tablet,to make sure your fruits can safely arrived destination. It is easy to use and easy to operate.

SPM can design the dosage for different size of containers or different crops as the customers’ requirement.

Available use for open packing box fruits/vegetables in the container, extremly easy application method with low cost, perfectly use for long distance container shipment.

Tablet benefit

1. Easy application method which every one can make the treatment
2. Low cost with good effect
3. Highly effective to keep fruits/vegetables/cut flowers freshness with longer shelf life
4. No residual on crops
5. Can make different dosage based on container size/crop variety


1. First, you need a bottle of water, 500 ml to 1 L
(The cup can put any position of container after load all fruits)
2. Then, you need to open the tablet package
3. Put the tablet into the water.
4. 1-MCP gas will release from the Angel Fresh tablet.
5. Close the container.

NOTE: The ethylene absober filter/tube CAN’T be use together with ANGEL FRESH tablet.
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