ANGEL FRESH (1-MCP) Powder, ethylene inhibitor

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3.3% WP 1-MCP (1methylcyclopropene)、Ethylene inhibitor;
Mainly used for Cold storage/Chamber.
Efficiently keep fruit freshness and extend fruit shelf life.

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ANGEL FRESH is a breakthrough,safe,and efficient ethylene inhibitor. The molecular structure of its active ingredient 1-Methylcyclopropene(l-MCP) is similar to the natural plant hormone--ethylene.It is the world's most efficient commercial ethylene inhibitor. ANGEL FRESH can maintain the firmness and freshness of fruits and vegetables;maintain the fresh appearance of fruits,vegetables and flowers;keep the flavor of fruits,vegetables and flower;reduce the weight loss of fruits and vegetables caused by respiration;extend the florescence of potted plants and cut flowers; reduce the physiological disease incidence during logistics;improve the plant resistance to diseases.

ANGEL FRESH Powder main ingredient is 1-MCP 3.3%, mainly applied for cooling room for long time storage, The powder can be applied into the water, the active gas will release automatically in the cooling storage room, the 1-MCP gas can contact with all fruits and highly extend the shelf life to keep the fruits hard firmness/freshness.

1-MCP can improve the shelf life and quality of fruits during storage. 1-MCP conditions the storage atmosphere of the fruits to reduce respiration rate and increase resistance to ethylene. The result is apples that maintain crispness, color, and flavor for longer, increasing utilization and improving the customer experience.

ANGEL FRESH can release 1-MCP for up to two weeks and works under a wide range of storage conditions (2 °C – 22 °C).
The powder is widely used globally on all sensitive crop with no residual, available for: apple, pear, kiwi, stone fruits, persimmon, mango,avocado, dragon fruits, cut flowers, tamato, broccoli, chilli/pepper.......

Powder benefit

1. Longer shelf life and higher post-storage quality
2. Extend shelf life up to300%, even without refrigeration
3. Improves post-storage firmness up to 200%
4. Reduce incidence of scald up to 90%
5. Retain color up to 500% longer


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