We present our customizable Angel Fresh fresh-keeping card that is suitable for the retail industry

The consumers worldwide are developing higher standards for the product quality and product freshness of their fruit as their living standards improve. A growing number of suppliers therefore chooses fresh-keeping products that can be used during the retail of fruits and vegetables to effectively delay the decomposing process and maintain the nutrients as well as the product quality. SPM Bioscience (Beijing) is a professional service provider of fresh-keeping products. Debby, the spokesperson for SPM Bioscience, introduced their Angel Fresh fresh-keeping card.


“Companies in China and abroad use a variety of methods to keep their fruits and vegetables fresh, including low temperatures, chemicals, modified atmosphere, coating, and fresh-keeping packaging. However, the use of chemicals continues to decline as consumers pay more attention to food safety. There is great market potential for innovative fresh-keeping products,” said Debby. “That is why we introduce our highly-efficient Angel Fresh fresh-keeping card that can be used during the retail of fruits and vegetables.”

“Angel Fresh cards can keep fruits and vegetables fresh during storage and transport and extend their shelf life. The Angel Fresh products are suitable for avocado, mango, grapes, cherries, tomatoes, broccoli, asparagus, and okra, kiwi fruit, apples and pears, etc.”


Debby also elaborated on the advantages of the Angel Fresh card. “First, the size of the cards is adjustable to suit the size of the packaging. Moreover, the card looks appealing and can be further customized to meet the clients needs. Second, the card is easy to use and convenient. Clients just need to place the card in a fruit box with a lined bag. A single card can extend the shelf life of fruit by as much as 200%. It is more cost-effective.” said Debby. “Third, the Angel Fresh card is more environment friendly, safer, more efficient, and non-toxic.”

“And the traders who want to achieve an even higher degree of freshness can combine the Angel Fresh card with other fresh-keeping methods such as low temperatures and modified atmosphere,” said Debby.


SPM Biosciences (Beijing) is a professional fresh keeping company in China with their own R&D, analysis team, and service team. The company has almost 10 years of experience in the Chinese market. “We have an impressive catalogue of fresh-keeping products, and we will continue to develop new products and find ways to lower the cost. We aim to provide a whole set of fresh-keeping solutions for our customers..”

SPM Biosciences (Beijing) is already authorized in Argentina and the Dominican Republic and is looking for representations in other countries.

Post time: Apr-07-2022