We hope to provide even better fresh-keeping methods for the mango season in the Southern Hemisphere

The mango season in the Southern Hemisphere is coming. Many mango production areas in the Southern Hemisphere are expecting abundant harvests. The mango industry has grown steadily in the last ten years and so has the global trade volume. SPM Biosciences (Beijing) Inc. focuses on postharvest preservation products and services for fruits and vegetables. The SPM Biosciences team is working hard to prepare fresh-keeping products in time for the mango season in the Southern Hemisphere.


Debby is the international market manager at SPM Biosciences. She talked about major production areas and their corresponding markets. “Mango production seasons in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere are reversed. During the peak period of the production season in the south, the European market relies on supplies from Africa, while the North American market relies on South America.”

“Many exporter use hot water treatments to exterminate the harmful organisms on the mangoes and to reduce the ratio of spoiled fruit. This is to meet the quarantine requirements of some destination countries. However, mangoes that have been treated with hot water ripen more quickly. The shipping period of most mangoes is around 20-45 days. But, with the global supply chain crisis, many shipments are delayed, and the mangoes need more time to reach their destination. This situation presents challenges for the preservation of mangoes during transport,” said Debby.


“After years of testing and use, our flagship product Angel Fresh (1-MCP) performs very well during the transport of export mangoes. Our product achieved great results and received excellent client feedback. Now that the mango season is coming, we start to receive inquiries from old and new clients in the mango industry.”

Despite the pandemic and many challenges that fruit import and export faces, there is always a hard demand for fruit. “Under these circumstances, we hope to provide even better fruit preservation methods to mango importers and exporters this season,” said Debby. “We look forward to working together with more exporters, packaging companies, and trade agents. We also provide free samples to clients who would like to test our products.”


SPM Biosciences (Beijing) has already established retail contacts with strategic partners in Argentina and the Dominican Republic. And they are now looking for sales representatives in other regions.

Post time: Apr-07-2022