The reduction of wastage in the supply chain is important for the vegetable industry

Vegetables are a daily necessity for people and provide many of the required vitamins, fibers, and minerals. Everybody agrees that vegetables are healthy for the body. SPM Biosciences (Beijing) Inc. is specialized in fresh-keeping services. Company spokesperson Debby recently introduced the company’s ‘Angel Fresh’ product that helps keep vegetables fresher.


Lack of post-harvest fresh-keeping technology means a high percentage of the vegetables is damaged or otherwise spoiled in the supply chain. If such loss can be reduced, food waste can be reduced and economic benefits can be increased. Take China as an example, nearly 20%-30% of the vegetables are damaged or spoiled during the supply chain. That is a loss of 130 million tons of vegetables worth several billion yuan [1 billion yuan = 157 million USD]. That is why the reduction of wastage in the supply chain is so important for the vegetable industry.

“The main fresh-keeping methods globally include low temperatures, chemicals, air conditioning, film and fresh-keeping bags etc. Consumers pay more and more attention to food safety, so chemical products usage will decline, and some new innovative fresh keeping products with price advantages will have huge potential market.” said Debby.

“And that is why we’ve introduced our ‘Angel Fresh’ fresh-keeping product, which is suitable for the vegetable retail industry and efficiently keeps the vegetables fresh for a longer shelf life. This product is suitable for a wide variety of vegetables, and is quite effective for keeping them fresh for longer shelf life. ‘Angel fresh’ helps to maintain the color of vegetables, extend the shelf life of vegetables, and reduce waste during the supply chain.”


In addition, Debby talked about the advantages of ‘Angel Fresh’. “First, we have a variety of products for different vegetables, and they can be used in different bags and different settings, so that we can provide customized fresh-keeping solutions for all our partners. Second, our products are easy and convenient to use. Clients only need to add the sachet to the bag/box of vegetables and that is it. The fresh-keeping products can be used during transportation and storage. When ‘Angel Fresh’ is applied in combination with other methods such as low temperatures/air conditioning, the effectiveness will only grow and the vegetables will stay fresh for an even longer time.”

SPM Biosciences (Beijing) is a professional fresh keeping company in China with their own R&D, analysis team, and service team. The company has almost 10 years of experience in the Chinese market. SPM Biosciences (Beijing) is already authorized in Argentina and the Dominican Republic and is looking for partners in other countries. “In addition to our many fresh-keeping products, we hope to work together with vegetable wholesalers, exporters, packers, and commissioned merchants to reduce wastage in the vegetable supply chain. SPM Biosciences (Beijing) can provide free samples if any one has interest.”


Post time: Apr-07-2022