Our technology extends grapes’ shelf-life to serve longer distance transport

“Our products support grape growers and exporters send quality fresh grapes to long distance markets,” says Debbie Wang, spokesperson for SPM Biosciences (Beijing) Inc. from Beijing. Her company has recently entered a cooperation with Shandong Sinocoroplast Packing Co.,Ltd. to continue the development of fresh keeping technologies for grapes.


SPM Biosciences researches and develops fresh keeping solutions for fruits and vegetables. Recently, the company set up a cooperation with Shandong Sinocoroplast Packaging Co., Ltd., official distributor in China of an internationally used SO2 pad. Together the two companies developed a new technology that extends the shelf-life and quality of both the grapes and the stem.


Debby is international business manager for SPM Biosciences (Beijing) Inc.. She explains the cooperation: “Shandong Sinocoroplast Packaging has more more than 7 years’ experience in providing specialized grape preservation products and solutions tailored to the Chinese market.”

“The SO2 pads comes from a company that represents a globally well-known grape preservation brand. The company is best known for grape preservation pads that are long-lasting and environmentally friendly. These pads increase shelf-life of fresh grapes after harvest and during transport.”

“Our company’s Angel Fresh product line is a great complement to SO2 pad products. The main active ingredient of Angel Fresh is 1-MCP, an effective ethylene inhibitor, which extends the fruit’s shelf-life and makes that the grape stem remain green. Our method is safe, easy to apply and comes with nu residual losses. It is as easy as adding the Angel Fresh sachet/card to the grape cartons for transportation and storage.”

Recent market circumstances have caused delays and port congestions, making for uncertain arrival and transport times. The ability to extend shelf-life and keep fruits fresh for longer is becoming increasingly important for grape growers and exporters.


Debbie adds: “This is the third year that we cooperate with Shandong Sinocoroplast for our Angel Fresh product line. We successfully tested the product in Xinjiang, Yunnan and Sichuan province. We aim to extend our cooperation throughout China. Our aim is to help our partners so that they can sell grapes with excellent quality and long shelf-life to long distance markets.”

SPM is already registered in Argentina and the Dominican Republic as an authorized supplier. And they are looking for distributors in other regions.

Post time: Apr-07-2022