Our aim is solve fresh fruits and vegetables fresh keeping problems during transportation

This is the season when apples, pears, and kiwi fruit from production areas in the northern hemisphere enter the Chinese market in large volumes. At the same time, grapes, mangoes, and other fruits from the southern hemisphere enter the market as well. Export fruit and vegetables will take up a significant percentage of international shipping in the next few months.


Many import and export companies are facing problems with keeping their fruits/vegetables fresh during transportation due to low shipping capacity ,shortage of shipping containers and pandemic effect. Clients pay more and more attention on fruits/vegetables freshness and shelf life, which makes fruit and vegetable exporters are willing to invest on product quality control technology and management.


SPM Biosciences (Beijing) Inc. is a company specialized in post-harvest services that keep fruit and vegetables more fresh with a longer shelf life. Company International business manager Debby firstly introduced several main fresh keeping solutions with their advantages and disadvantages: “Apart from traditional cold-chain transportation, there are three common solution. The first one is an ethylene inhibitor (1-MCP). This product is suitable for all ethylene sensitive fruits and vegetables. There are different product which are designed for different packagings and situations. The cost is low and the application method is convenient and easy. While, for some sensitive crops you only need pay attention to the proper dosage.

“The second method is an ethylene absorbent. This solution is very easy to use, and effective for ethylene-sensitive crops. However, there is a limited capacity for ethylene sensitive crops and the cost is rather high. The third solution is the MAP bag. This solution is easy to use and effective for transportation for short distances. However, many fruit and vegetable packagings are not suitable for this solution and this solution is not good for long distance transportation.”


When asked about the products SPM has developed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh during transport, Debby replied: “We currently have three kinds of products that are suitable for long-distance transport. The first is a tablet that is suitable for open packaging for whole containers. Treatment for the whole container is the most economic way to make fruits and vegetables more fresh. The second is a sachet that is more suitable for closed boxes or boxes with bags. The third one is a Fresh Keeping Card that is also suitable for closed boxes or boxes with bags.”


“These three products are all very useful for long-distance transportation. They help keep the fruits/vegetables fresher with better firmness, and can extend the fruits shelf life, which is very important for export companies. We hope we can connect with more companies to discuss cooperation on fresh keeping solutions.”

Post time: Apr-07-2022