different varieties of fresh pears have different ripening conditions, and customized preservation schemes are very important

china is the world’s largest pear producer, and since 2010, china’s fresh pear planting area and output have accounted for about 70% of the world’s total. china’s fresh pear exports have also been on a growth trend, from 14.1 million tons in 2010 to 17.31 million tons in 2019, from less than 10% in 2010 to nearly 30% in 2019, with an average annual growth rate of 2.3%.


Hejinzheng Biotechnology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in post-harvest preservation services for fruits and vegetables. Debby, the person in charge, introduced the application of the company’s 1-MCP (ethylene inhibitor) in fresh pear products.

“Fresh pears can be supplied year-round through cold storage, so the preservation management of pears is very important. However, the ripening conditions and characteristics of different varieties of fresh pears are different, such as beer pears need to become soft and ripe, Buddha’s see pears change from light yellow to red when ripe, and crispy pears need to maintain hardness and color, so we will customize preservation solutions for different varieties of pears. “1-MCP is a very efficient ethylene inhibitor that can effectively extend the storage time and shelf life of pears.” According to the different varieties of pears, Hejinzheng will provide different preservation solutions.


In addition to use in cold storage, some retailers are beginning to use preservative products in the retail process. “There are a lot of importers and exporters asking about our Angel Fresh Fresh Packet (sachet). Its application is very simple and convenient, as long as the product is placed in the package. We can also provide customers with customized preservation solutions according to different packaging, use scenarios, etc. Debby said.


hejin has nearly a decade of experience in the local chinese market, has its own r&d, analysis and service teams, and has achieved sales qualifications in countries such as argentina and dominica. sales agents are currently being found in other regions. “affected by the epidemic and the tight shipping capacity environment, fruit and vegetable importers and exporters are facing great challenges. we hope to bring better fruit preservation solutions to the majority of fruit growers and exporters. we hope to work with more fruit and vegetable wholesalers, exporters, packers and agents to help reduce the loss of fruits and vegetables in the supply chain. hejinzheng can also send free samples for merchants for testing. ”

Post time: Apr-07-2022