Avocados can keep fresh for longer with our products, even during global shipping capacity limitation

The avocado is a valuable tropical fruit that is primarily grown in the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Chinese market demand for avocados has grown in the last few years as Chinese consumer levels rise and Chinese customers become more familiar with avocados. Avocado planting area expanded together with the rise of avocado exports and trade.

Avocado orchards in the Americas and Africa are about to enter the peak period of their production season, which also means that the peak period of the export season will soon start. Last year and this year, due to pandemic, the avocado industry suffered higher loss than before as containers shortage and shipping time delayed. Many avocados were too ripe by the time they arrived at their destination. Compared to previous years, a larger percentage of the avocados was spoiled and could not be sold. Trading companies suffered financial loss. Due to these changes, the avocado market shows higher demand for fresh keeping products.


Debby is the international business manager for SPM Biosciences, a fresh keeping solution that can keep fruit fresh with longer shelf life. “Our flagship product Angel Fresh (ethylene inhibitor 1-MCP) product can effectively delay the ripening process in avocados. In this way our products keep the avocados fresh. Looking at the current situation it is clear that the shortage of shipping containers and the shipping delays will not be solved in the short term. Our products can help importers and exporters keep their fruit products fresh during long distance transportation.”

When asked about the advantages of their Angel Fresh product line, Debby replied: “Our flagship product, Angel Fresh (ethylene inhibitor 1-MCP), efficiently slows down the ripening process in avocados and extends their shelf life. The product stands out for its high efficiency, safety, and no residue. That is why our Angel Fresh products are widely applied on fresh fruits as good post-harvest solution, during transport and storage. Moreover, we can provide customized solutions to keep avocados fresh during transport regardless for different package/shipping conditions.”


Despite the pandemic, avocados are an import product in many markets and the export volume remains huge. “We hope to help avocado exporters and importers keep their fruits fresh with our fresh keeping solutions. We also hope to work closely together with even more avocado exporters, packaging companies, and agents. We can provide free samples for testing for those companies that are interested.”

SPM is already registered in Argentina and the Dominican Republic as an authorized supplier, and is looking for representation in other countries.

Post time: Apr-07-2022