Angel Fresh, a fresh-keeping product for fresh-cut flowers

Fresh-cut flowers are a peculiar commodity. Flowers often wilt during packaging or transportation, and it is necessary to apply fresh-keeping solutions immediately after they are harvested to reduce the waste from wilted flowers. Since 2017, SPM Biosciences (Beijing) pay careful attention to the market for products that keep fresh-cut flowers fresh. After years of research and development, and an accumulation of experience, the SPM team has developed a cost-effective fresh-keeping solution that suits a wide variety of fresh-cut flowers and provides stable product quality. Company spokesperson Debby recently introduced Angel Fresh, a new fresh-keeping product that is suitable for a wide variety of fresh-cut flowers.


Debby first talked about the usage of fresh-keeping products for fresh-cut flowers in the Chinese market. “The Chinese market primarily uses liquid fresh-keeping solutions. The fresh-cut flowers require simple preparations (cutting, packing), and then the base of the flower stem needs to be soaked in fresh-keeping liquid for several hours. This process not only added labor cost, but it also prolonged cut flowers post-harvest processing time,” said Debby. “We researched and developed our ‘Angel Fresh’, a fresh-keeping product that is highly effective and saves both labor and time, to solve this problem in the fresh-cut flower industry.”


When talking about the unique ‘Angel Fresh’ advantage, Debby said, “firstly, the ‘Angel Fresh’ technology allows a slight delay for the harvest of fresh-cut flowers. The flowers are allowed to mature more before they are harvested. This means that the flower buds are fuller when the flower is cut. At the same time, ‘Angel Fresh’ also prolongs the period that clients can keep the flowers fresh, which means that flower shops have more time to sell their flowers. Compared to liquid fresh-keeping products, ‘Angel Fresh’ also saves on manual labor and processing time. This allows clients to sometimes choose to use land transportation at lower cost instead of expensive air freight, which greatly reduces the cost of transportation. The ‘Angel Fresh’ product is extremely easy to use. Clients only need to add the small sachet/card to the package box and that is all.”


‘Angel Fresh’ extends the shelf-life of fresh-cut flowers up to 150% compared to fresh-cut flowers that have not been treated with ‘Angel Fresh’


SPM Biosciences (Beijing) is a company specialized in post-harvest fresh-keeping services for the fruit and vegetable industries. The company has more than 10 years of experience in the Chinese market. The company has their own teams for research and development, analysis, and services. SPM Biosciences (Beijing) is already authorized in Argentina and the Dominican Republic and is looking for representations in other countries. The company team hopes to promote their products in even more markets and welcomes relevant companies to get in touch so that the team can provide more detailed product information as well as free samples.

Post time: Apr-07-2022