ANGEL FRESH  is a breakthrough, safe, and efficient  ethylene inhibitor.  The molecular structure of its active ingredient 1-Methylcyclopropene(1-MCP) is  similar to the natural plant hormone–ethylene. It is the world’s most efficient commercial ethylene inhibitor.  ANGEL FRESH can maintain the firmness and freshness of fruits and vegetables; maintain the fresh appearance of fruits,  vegetables and flowers; keep the flavor of fruits,vegetables and flower;reduce the weight loss of fruits and vegetables caused by respiration; extend the florescence of potted plants and cut flowers;reduce the physiological disease incidence during logistics; improve the plant resistance to diseases.



Application: Cold Storage

The powder is mainly applied for cold storage room;
The powder can be applied into the water, the active gas will release automatically in the cold storage room, contact with all fruits and highly extend the shelf life to keep the fruits hard firmness.


Application: Carton/ Box/ Plastic Bag

The Sachet is mainly applied for fruit box during transportation or storage.
SPM can design the different sachets for different size of fruit box based on the customers.



Application: Container / Truck

The Tablet is mainly applied for full containers during sea shipment, like 40’FCL or 20’FCL.

SPM design the dosage for different size of containers or different crops as the customers’ requirement.



Application: Container / Truck

This kind of tablet is mainly applied for full containers during sea shipment, like 40’FCL or 20’FCL.

Mixture of two bottle tablets can have quick release of active gas. It’s pefect effect for the long way shippment.

SPM design the dosage for different size of containers or different crops.



Application: Carton/ Box/ Plastic Bag

The card is a innovative product for fruit box ,specially for applying during transportation with highly convenience for customer’s package. And We can make customer’s own design based on MOQ.

Put one card into a fruit box will help fruit/vegetable to have longer shelf life.

Size can be designed for 3kg-20kg box.



Application: Stick On Fruit

Its appearance is the same as ordinary labels;
It has a fresh-keeping effect;

It is very easy to use;
We can customize your company and fruit logos.